12 Sep 2019 2 min read

Drawing down without drawing a blank

By Justin Onuekwusi

In Part III of this series we discuss Centralised Retirement Propositions (CRPs). We have seen a number of financial planners post-pension freedom rebadge their existing Centralised Investment Propositions (CIPs), which have been designed for accumulation, into CRPs. As volatility increases, concerns are growing that sequencing risk (sometimes called “pound-cost ravaging”) could have a devastating impact on their client’s investments. But what can advisers do to help mitigate this and design more decumulation-focused portfolios?


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Justin Onuekwusi

Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds

Justin secretly pretends to be a rockstar as he travels around the country promoting his funds with his signature red tie, and was even chased across a field by some fans (dogs) as he went for a run one evening. When he’s not in the office squinting intensely at his fund spreadsheets or into a camera, Justin dedicates time to his true love: Manchester United, and catches up on the latest Netflix series on the side.

Justin Onuekwusi