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Asset allocation blogging - the coolest job available?

Some of you have received my thoughts on markets for many years by email and you could say that it's probably time to upgrade to something more suited to the digital age…

My Macro Matters publication started at LGIM as a way to share my views on markets and macro topics in a more informal way. Some of you have received my thoughts on markets for many years (in a previous incarnation they were ‘Morning Notes’) and quite a few of you engage with me regularly to discuss and challenge the views expressed in Macro Matters (while fitting in a bit of banter).


In the last few years a few things have happened. First, in the spirit of healthy banter (I assume), I have been told on a fairly regular basis by my team that my way of communication, through emails, is not really of this age anymore. Second, the number of client requests for regular updates started to increase substantially, because of market events such as Brexit. Lastly, I realised that my team mates have interesting views that they’re also willing to share with Macro Matters readers.


And just like that, the idea for the Macro Matters blog was born!

A daily paper I glanced at on the way to work recently mentioned blogging as being the coolest job available (admittedly for people under 25). While we don’t plan to become professional bloggers – investing for our clients remains our first love and priority – we are eager to engage in lively, open and timely debate with our clients and friends who appreciate the views of LGIM’s Asset Allocation team.


So it is with great pleasure that we share our multi-asset insights with you as they evolve in real time.


To get a feel of what our blog is about, see our About page for a short video introduction or better still, take a look at our recent posts.


If you like what you see, remember to subscribe or follow us on Twitter (@LGIMacromatters) to receive updates on the latest posts from the team.


We look forward to keeping you informed.


P.S. In case you're wondering, that's not my desk!

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