09 Dec 2016 1 min read

Smells like Team Spirit!

By Emma Cheung

Christmas is a time for giving so we thought it would be fun to join in with the latest mannequin challenge to raise some money for our charity, Children with Cancer. So how did it come about?


It all started with an idea from Mireille and before we knew it the whole team was getting into the Christmas spirit, providing a steady stream of suggestions for props, decorations and poses to bring this all together.

We're a team that takes our roles seriously and I think the final result says it all. That being said, one portfolio manager was just like the markets, and couldn't seem to stand still!

I’ve worked with the team for close to two years now and it just goes to shows how open the whole team are to new ideas and discussion, no matter how crazy!

On the charity selection, we decided it was about time we had a team charity. So we asked everyone to nominate and vote for a charity close to their hearts, and we overwhelmingly voted for Children with Cancer.

Many of the team expressed that as parents, they related to the charity in this way, while others wanted to be able to help children have a better chance at getting some of their childhood back.

 It just goes to shows how open the whole team are to new ideas and discussion
If you enjoyed the video, please visit our Justgiving page to donate generously. Your donation will help fund more research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of children’s cancer.

From all of us at Macro Matters, we wish you a Merry Christmas!


Emma Cheung

Communications Strategist

Emma spends her time scouting out the next opportunity or tool that she can build to give her more time to focus on what matters: connecting with people. Always one to take the scenic route, she was a compliance officer and product specialist at Goldman Sachs Asset Management before travelling the world ahead of joining LGIM. Emma is a self-confessed foodie with an obsession for cleaning her desk. When not distracted by cake (or that smudge on her screen), you can find her behind a camera lens trying to capture the perfect shot.

Emma Cheung